“De ese arte” 2004


Of That Art is a commitment to flamenco as a language. In the search of new forms, it develops on this occasion from sensations and emotions. These are so visceral, arising from the experiences rooted in traditional Andalusian flamenco.
Influences of life in the big city appear and also of contemporary dance. The result is dynamic theatrical staging, full of strength and at the same time with nuances of sweetness and sensuality. It is a conversation between new creators of flamenco art, each with its own stamp, but all of that art.


Singing: Roberto Llorente, Manuel de La Malena.
Flamenco guitar and musical composition: Jose Luis Hernandez Martin, Luis Miguel Manzano.
Percussion: Tamar, Laura Fenandez
Dance: Jesús Fernández, Pepa Molina
Choreography: Jesús Fernández, Pepa Molina
Lighting: Paloma Parra
Sound: Elias Artalejo
Costumes: Isabel Pérez
Graphic design: Luis Perez



Photography Ana Leon