FLAMENCO SI – Arts Education Program

“Flamenco Si” Lecture Demonstration Performances introduce the Art of Flamenco through explanations and demonstrations of Flamenco’s intricacies and cultural history, a wonderful blend of entertainment and education for children of all ages.
We discuss how the music, song and dance all relate to each other with demonstrations of the varied instruments and techniques involved in the art form: castañuelas (castanets), guitarra (guitar), cante (voice), and dance (Baile). Audience participation is a vital aspect of the show, which ends with a Q & A.

We also offer…
”Flamenco Si ” In-School Educational Programs
Our In-School Educational Programs feature multi-week, community-based educational residencies teaching Spanish history, culture and language using flamenco dance as the focal point, and are accompanied by curriculum materials. Age-specific residencies for grades K–12 are taught by teaching artists, and include a guitarist and singer and a final student performance. Additional activities include lecture-demonstrations, participatory family or student workshops, and master classes.