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“Ay Pepa, Que historia la tuya!” 2012


In Compañía Pepa Molina we conceive dance to be that element of communication able to make us reflect and be moved by transmitting emotions. We are conscious that creation allows us to go back in time and have wanted to listen to the voice of the past to help us understand the present. To celebrate the bicentennial Spanish constitution of 1,812 (The third Constitution in the World) was a true pleasure for us.

On the one hand it moved us and on the other we desired to submerge ourselves in that convulse time, participate in understanding it and be fascinated by the profits and advances obtained.

After treating exile and immigration in “Neither here nore there”, on this ocasion we wanted to recover part of our historical memory with a production that has much to do with what we are today.

In “¡Ay Pepa! What a history yours”, we will narrate the events that took place around the promulgation of the Spanish Constitution of 1,812 with the protagonists who took part in it, men and women, since these had a determining part in this process.

Another of the reasons that impels us to make this project is to recover songs, dances and music of the period: regional dances,
Spanish dance, mainly flamenco and the “bolera” school. For this we will use two languages: dance and puppet theater .

They allow us to tell this history of treaties, pacts and distributions, invasions, treasons, a history of victories and defeats, with beds that seem battlefields, and battles that finish in bed, of riots, abdications and ambiguous nominations. A history of parades… that we are going to tell dancing. But we do not want to advance events. Nothing is more absurd than to try to defeat the past. Let it be explained…

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Choreography & Dance Cristian Martín, Pepa Molina

Flamenco Singer Eva Durán

Musical Compositión Award winning Flamenco Gutarist – José Luis Montón

Latin Grammy Award winning classical guitarist – David González


Flamenco guitar José Luis Montón

Classical guitar David González

Flute Juan Carlos Saracil

Percussion Sergio Martínez y Rafael Casado

Percussive clapping Morena Fernández

Recorded Music Grupo musical Francisco de Goya

Theatre Director David Picazo

Spoken Word- award winning writer – Use Lahoz

Set design, props & Puppet theatre Design Manuel Barco

Puppet theatre Construction C. M. Desman

Costume design Yaiza Pinillos

Costume design confection Gabriel Besa

Costume design confection & confection for Puppets Mercedes Jiménez

Lighting design Gloria Montesinos

Stage manager Lucía Mancheño

Art work M. B. Villar

Sound engineer Quique Cabañas

Voices (Actors) Rafael Núñez, Sergio Macias, Manuel Barco

Studio sound engineer Rimshot

Graphic Design Luis Pérez

Photography Emilio Tenorio

Production Assistants Carolina Barco, Antonio Casado

Ay Pepa is supported by:

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Photography by Emilio Tenorio

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