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“Ní aquí ní allí/ Neither here or there” 2009


“Lola y Paco play “parchis” play all afternoon, they were delayed for an hour and a half. Paco is about to start a job cleaning tuna in “Fukuoka” and Lola embarks on a new life in the US. Lola tells him how she has always wanted to leave the village, meanwhile Paco carelessly flicks page by page through his japanese dictionary.”

Inspired by stories based on spanish immigration in the 1960´s “Ni aquí ni allí” (Neither here nor there) is a collection of stories that take place in an airport. The characters lives cross paths as they their exchange life stories and paralel identities. They experience many feelings on their journey of frustration, sadness and curiosity until they reach a self-assertion of identity and learn to understand and live with the decisions that will mark their lives.

“Ní aquí ní allí/ Neither here or there” is supported by:

Ni aqui ni alli


Flamenco singers: David Vázquez, Roberto Llorente

Flute, saxophone, clarinet, harmonica: Diego Villegas.

Dance & choreography: Jesús Fernández, Pepa Molina

Musical compositions and Flamenco guitar: Luis Miguel Manzano.

Experimental music and props: Manuel Barco

Percussion: Alejandra Hernández

Voice in scripts: Esperanza de la Vega, Francisco Barco.

Lighting design: José Montero.

Poems: Use de la Hoz.

Playbill: Luis Pérez.

Production Assistant: Ana Campos.

Images partly assigned by – Fundación 1º de Mayo.

Airport sounds from “Homenaje al emigrante”: Patrick Ghisl

Artistic Direction: Patricia Pascual and Pepa Molina.

Costume design & confection: Carmen Granell.

“Ní aquí ní allí/ Neither here or there” is supported by:

Ni aqui ni alli




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Photography by Charis Mundy

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